The various areas dealt in by Kumar Associates, under the leadership of Sri. S. Selvakumar, includes the following:

Basically, as a Property Law Advocates Firm, Kumar Associates deal with Scrutiny of Documents related to Property. Having said scrutiny of documents, it is imperative to explain the necessity as to why the property documents need to be scrutinized by a Lawyer in the said field.

In the present competitive world, and in meeting the ever growing demand of the prospective purchasers, many times it may be possible that even the reputed builders/developers may venture ‘projects’ even without complying with minimum formalities of obtaining sanctions/licences for construction, etc. In such cases, there is every possibility that such ‘projects’ being constructed unauthorisedly are identified and its progress of construction may be stalled and at times the unauthorized constructions can also face demolition. In all these cases, the circumstances lead to victimization of the innocent ‘purchaser’ who might have invested his hard earned money to fulfil his ‘life dream’ of owning his own house. To avoid all these hardships, besides the problems that may be confronted with regard to ‘actual ownership‘ of land property, there is an imperative need for thorough scrutiny of property documents, which we meticulously undertake and do not hesitate to inform the truth to the clients and even at times, we do advise them not to ‘purchase’ property due to certain loopholes in the ownership or development.

In this manner, we do help innumerable clientele by undertaking legal scrutiny of the property documents and determine the authenticity and validity of the property documents.